Application Procedure

Exhibition Instruction


    Step 1: Click " Exhibitor Register ; complete the registration form and click "Submit".

    Step 2: Open the page "Exhibitor Application", submit your booth requirements in detail; complete the form and click "Submit".

    It is seen as completion of the application procedure when you submit your Application for Exhibition.

You can save your uncompleted application by click the "Save" button at any stage in the "Exhibitor Application" page. Your user name, password, and all information submitted will be saved automatically.

To log in securely to the "Exhibitor Register" page next time, please click the button "Registered User Log-in" and enter your user name and password, you can continue with your uncompleted application.

    1. Fields marked with (*) are mandatory.

    2. All information submitted in "Exhibitor Register" and "Exhibitor Application" cannot be changed; if you need to change any information you submitted, please contact the organising committee of CHINA PRINT 2021.

    3.After application form successfully submitted, one confirmation letter will be sent to your 

    registered E-mail! 


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