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Booth Cost

Participation Cost (raw space)

Section A Section B Section C

2,200 Yuan/m2

1,700 Yuan/m2 1,300 Yuan/m2



Price description: 

1. Booth fees are based on Chinese Yuan (RMB). Foreign currency shall be settled based on the exchange rate on the date of payment (based on the bid price of such foreign currency of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China on such date); 

2. Booths in Section A are of the locations nearer to the main entrance and main passage of the exhibition halls, booths in section B and C can be done in the same manner; 

3. The raw space shall be sold at a minimum of 36 m2, and shell scheme booths shall be sold from 9 m2

4. Members of the PEIAC enjoy a discount in respect of booth fees (raw space), for more information please contact the organising committee; 

5. Construction fee of the shell scheme booth shall be RMB 200 Yuan/m2

6. 定金优惠:2016年5月1日前交付定金,享受展位费光地费用10%的折扣;
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