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CHINA PRINT 2021 Visits Belgium, Promotion Kicks off in Europe

The promotion delegation of the 10th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (CHINA PRINT 2021), led by Lu Chang’an, Vice-chairman of Council of Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China (PEIAC), Zheng Shijun, Vice President of China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation (CIEC) and Zhao Hui, General Manager of China Print Show Company Limited., visited the Labelexpo Europe 2019, held by Brussels Exhibition Centre in Belgium, and kicked off the promotion of CHINA PRINT 2021 in Europe.

I. Visited International Leading Companies and Obtained Positive Feedback

The 10th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (CHINA PRINT 2021), themed on “green, efficient, digital and smart”, is about to kick off at the New China International Exhibition Center on May 11-15, 2021, with an estimated display area of 160,000 m2.

In order to promote CHINA PRINT 2021, the promotion delegation visited internationally renowned digital and labeling machine manufacturers (HP, Gallus, Screen, Konica Minolta and Kodak) at Labelexpo Europe 2019, and received a warm reception from these companies. On the one hand, the promotion team learned about the latest equipment and technologies of these companies through on-site explanations and demonstrations. On the other hand, it propagated the preparatory work of CHINA PRINT 2021 and invited these companies to participate in CHINA PRINT 2021. All companies indicated that they had included CHINA PRINT 2021 in their plan and would be present at CHINA PRINT 2021 with latest products and technologies.





II. Visited Well-known Domestic Companies and Gained Extensive Attention

“Made in China” in the field of label printing takes product R&D and technological innovation as a breakthrough point, and strives to meet the market demand for diversity, winning increasing recognition of overseas markets. A total of 106 Chinese exhibitors participated in Labelexpo Europe 2019, making up about 16% of all exhibitors. 



The promotion delegation visited domestic manufacturers such as Weigang, EUROTECH, Wanjie and Sipande, and communicated with their persons in charge. The promotion delegation learned about their exhibiting situation, listened to their opinions and suggestions for the organization and on-site service work of CHINA PRINT 2021, and propagated CHINA PRINT 2021. These companies expressed great expectations for CHINA PRINT 2021, and indicated that they would sign up for the exhibition as soon as possible. They hope to find more partners and expand more business opportunities through the excellent trade & exhibition platform of CHINA PRINT2021.

III. Met with ACIMGA to Discuss Cooperation Matters

During the exhibition, the promotion delegation of CHINA PRINT 2021 met with Mr. Andrea Briganti, General Manager of ACIMGA, and the two sides discussed the cooperation matters on exhibitions. Andrea Briganti said that in 2020, they were going to hold the Global Printing Industry Summit jointly with Global Print, and they would invite PEIAC and exhibition companies to participate in the forum and deliver a speech, and share the development and market information of China’s printing industry, letting more European and American companies understand the development status and market demand of Chinese market, so as to mobilize more companies to participate in CHINA PRINT 2021. Lu Chang’an, Vice Chairman of PEIAC, said that the association would actively support the forum, and he hope to further explore specific ways for cooperation before the end of this year.


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