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CHINA PRINT 2021 – Overseas Promotion Launched in Russia

Invited by Russian media -- Kursiv Publishing House, the promotion delegation of the 10th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (CHINA PRINT 2021), led by Mr. Lu Chang’an, Vice Chairman of the Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China (PEIAC) and Mr. Chen Jun, Chief Advisor of Guangdong Printing Association, attended the 24th International Exhibition for the Packaging Industry (RosUpack 2019) at Crocus-Expo IEC in Moscow during June 18-21, 2019, marking that the overseas promotion of CHINA PRINT 2021 officially kicks off. 

I. Attend the official opening ceremony and related activities

Invited by the exhibition organizer -- ITE Moscow, Mr. Lu Chang’an, Vice Chairman of PEIAC attended the opening ceremony of China Brand @ RosUpack & RosUpack China Pavilion in Crocus-Expo IEC at 12:30 am on June 18. After the ceremony, Mr. Lu visited the exhibition, accompanied by the exhibition organiser.



II. Meet with Russian Printing Industry Association and the media, receiving positive feedbacks

During the exhibition, the promotion delegation of CHINA PRINT 2021 participated in meetings with the Russian Printing Industry Association, St. Petersburg Printing Industry Association, Kursiv Publishing House, the exhibition’s partner media and other organisations. At the meeting, both sides made exchanges on latest situation and data of the printing industry and market development in China and Russia. The promotion delegation learned about relevant policies of the Russian government on its printing industry, as well as information about the demands of Russian market for Chinese printing equipment and materials. To help more printing enterprises in Russia learn about the cutting-edge technologies and products launched in Chinese market, Mr. Lu invited the members of Russian associations and media organisations to attend CHINA PRINT 2021 held in Beijing in May 2021, for networking with agents and purchasing the latest equipment and products. During exchanges, the Russian associations and media said they would actively organise Russian printing enterprises to attend CHINA PRINT 2021.




III. Visiting participating enterprises, attracting wide attention

During the exhibition, the promotion delegation focused on visiting Chinese exhibitors on-site. According to statistics, nearly 100 Chinese exhibitors participated in this exhibition, accounting for about 15% of the total exhibitors and recording a new high. China is also the country with the largest number of exhibitors among overseas countries, an increase of 21% than the previous session. From the data mentioned above, we can see Russia’s economy is recovering and enjoying a promising market development trend. During its visit to Chinese exhibitors, the promotion delegation received positive responses. Highly recognizing the importance of CHINA PRINT 2021 in the printing industry, many Chinese exhibitors had filled in the application at the PRINT CHINA in April 2019, while other enterprises also expressed their participation intention and said they would make exhibition registration immediately upon the opening of the official registration channel.




IV. Visiting local printing factories, exploring in-depth the market potential

The promotion delegation paid a visit to the representative printing enterprise in ST. Petersburg, namely, ST. Petersburg Exemplary Printing House. Boasting modern high-performance equipment as well as new technologies and new materials, this company is a reputed printing company across Europe, with its clients mainly consisting of manufacturing companies, advertising agencies, design studios and publishing houses from Russia and Western Europe. The company's annual output value ranked among top 10 in Russia. Mr. Alexey Lukin, Manager of the Marketing Department received the delegation with warm hospitality.

During this visit, the promotion delegation gained a deeper understanding of related equipment of the company. It’s particularly worth mentioning that, the high-quality post-press equipment manufactured in China is greatly favoured by overseas users now. In the factory, the die-cutting machine produced by Masterwork Group Co., Ltd. was running stably. Mr. Lu asked about the operation of Chinese equipment in detail. Mr. Alexey said that as the quality of post-press equipment in China is steadily improving, they are willing to purchase more printing and packaging equipment from China in the future. Mr. Lu warmly invited Mr. Alexey to visit Beijing, and jointly exchange and discuss with relevant professionals on cooperation and development of Chinese and Russian printing industries.



At the promotion meeting, the delegation made communications and exchanges with the Russian Printing Industry Association, learning that thanks to economic recovery, the market subject consciousness and innovative thinking of printing enterprises in Russia keep improving and the market shows exuberant development vigour. Under the big picture of comprehensive upgrading of Sino-Russian relations, the cooperation and exchanges on the printing industry between two countries will be increasingly deepened.


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