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Featured Area

In corresponding to the increasing scale of the exhibition and the growing number of exhibitors and visitors, CHINA PRINT 2017, with targeted advertising plans designed, sets 6 exhibition halls covering various hot issues of print market and 8 special zones facilitating both professional buyers and exhibitors in trading.


The six special exhibition halls are:

1. Comprehensive Printing Hall;

2. Digital Printing Hall;

3. Label Printing Hall;

4. Post-press and Packaging Hall;

5. Equipments and Consumables Hall;

6. Frontier Technology Hall.

The eight special exhibition zones are:

1. VOC Treatment Zone;

2. 3D Printing Zone;

3. RFID Zone;

4. Internet + Industrial Robot Zone;

5. Internet + Printing Zone;

6. Internet + Packaging Zone;

7. Internet + Media Zone;

8. Internet + Electronic Zone.