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Visitor Pre-registration

In order to enhance the service of our exhibition and to reduce the waiting time for visitors at the fair, CHINA PRINT 2017 launches “Online Pre-register Service”, which is exactly the same as the on-site registration. However, visitors pre-registered online are entitled to the free entrance to CHINA PRINT 2017 and other premium services.

Online Pre-register Instruction:

1. Fill in your mobile phone number, request and enter the verification code the system sends to the number, and click “Get a Free Ticket”.

2. Please ensure that all the information and answers you fill in are correct, authentic and under the required format. After you fill out the form, please click “Get Your Digital Ticket”.

3. A digital ticket will be issued automatically by the system upon the receipt of the information, please click “Print the Ticket”. The printed version of the digital ticket will be your voucher to enter the fair. If you are not able to print the ticket for now, please remember your ID number shown on the right top of the page.

4. If you wish to print the ticket later, you can log-in to the Pre-register page prior to CHINA PRINT 2017, enter the mobile phone number you registered with, get the verification code the system sends to your number, and click “My Ticket” to print the voucher.

5. Visitors with valid tickets printed are able to enter at all gates of CHINA PRINT 2017. Or, with a valid ID Number, visitors can go to the designated counter on-site to get the ticket after an ID authentication.

6. Please ensure the pop-ups are NOT blocked by your browser.