Landa shows the greatest interest in CHINA PRINT 2017

Nanography by Landa was the top highlight at drupa 2012, so does it in this year. Professional visitors see Landa as the top priority in their must-see list for drupa; correspondingly the Landa Show at drupa 2016 was really a success and attracting numerous audiences. The 3 presses released by Landa via the Show were soon to be the hot issue of the print industry, the presses including Landa S10 Sheet-fed Press for Folding Carton and POP and Landa S10P for Double Sided Commercial Printing.
The transmitting units in the Landa Press are co-designed with and manufactured by Komori, which is regarded as a very meaningful cooperation between these two companies. Komori has always been focusing on the research and manufacturing of printing presses; however, Landa has been concentrating on the imaging technology. After many years’ endeavour in each field, both Landa and Komori have gained plenty of experience such as paper delivery and transmitting; hence a much higher quality brought by the strong cooperation of the two powers.
The Organising Committee of CHINA PRINT visited Landa at drupa 2016. A discussion in depth was taken place between Mr. Chang’an LU, Vice President of PEIAC, and Mr. Benny Landa, regarding the views of China’s print market and new technologies that Landa Nanography has made a great breakthrough. Mr. Landa expressed his greatest interest in CHINA PRINT 2017. When it comes to the 2013 edition of CHINA PRINT, a very positive feedback was addressed by Mr. Benny Landa, “I really see CHINA PRINT an excellent fair of great popularity. The atmosphere for trading and technology exchanges was really good, better than any exhibition I have ever attended, even greater than drupa. I can see the potential and the power of China’s print market – it is indeed under a very high-speed development.”