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The 18th InfoPrint sees the first look of CHINA PRINT 2017

Sponsored by Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China (hereinafter PEIAC), undertaken by Print China Magazine, the 18th InfoPrint was successfully held in China People’s Palace on the 20th of November, 2015, with the help and support of Beijing Printing Association, Military Printing Association, Beijing Printing Society, Tianjin Printing Technology Association, Langfang Printing Association. The theme of the 18th InfoPrint is “to undertake challenges, to seize opportunities, to transform and upgrade”. The attendance was approximately 500 people, including vice presidents of PEIAC, Mr. Chang’an LU, Mr. Xuezhi LIU, Mr. Tao ZHANG, Mr. Jun CHEN, the executives of printing associations, prestigious printing enterprises, major media representatives, leading manufacturers and distributors of printing equipments.


CHINA PRINT 2017 that has been elaborately prepared for more than half a year gave its first look at the 18th InfoPrint. General Manager of China Print Show Company, Mr. Hui ZHAO, introduced the preparing work of CHINA PRINT 2017 in detail. For better delivering the information regarding CHINA PRINT 2017 to potential exhibitors and visitors, brochures and other relevant materials were placed in a designated table and free for the participants of the InfoPrint. Whilst, the project managers of the organising committee of CHINA PRINT 2017 were fully engaged into the communication with enterprises of great exhibition desires; enquiries brought up by potential exhibitors and enterprises were answered in detail; hence a considerable number of reservations and online applications of CHINA PRINT 2017 was made during the conference in order to “seek the priority”. Henceforth, the online application for CHINA PRINT 2017 officially starts.


CHINA PRINT 2017 will be held in the New China International Exhibition Centre on the 9th to 13th of May, 2017. The exhibition area is estimated to be more than 160,000 square meters with more than 1,000 exhibitors participated. In the year of 2017, CHINA PRINT is to be the international printing exhibition of the greatest importance and the grandest scale.