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Launch of Official Website

After elaborate preparation, the official website of CHINA PRINT 2017 (aka. The 9th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition) has been launched on the 20th of November, 2015. The overall design is consistent with CHINA PRINT’s style of internationalisation: the four primary colours of printing i.e. CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) are applied as the dominant colours, which gives the website a bright and fresh look yet shows the basics of printing. The structure of the website is concise and enriched by various contents, aiming at to enhance the convenience for users to discover the information as needed. For further meeting both visitors’ and exhibitors’ needs and to enhance the overall comfort of use, the quick links for popular functions and pages such as “Exhibitor List”, “Floor Plan” and “Download” have been added to the home page.


Upgrades of Functions


The new official website has been upgraded with more advanced functions. The new exhibitor service system enables applications to be made and submitted online; the functions will also be added to the website, such as submitting information for offical catalogue and online reservation for conference rooms. As for visitors, the pre-registration will change the traditional method to entering the exhibition hall with printed e-tickets. Instead, a QR code will be sent to visitor’s email address for redeeming the ticket by scanning the code at the exhibition hall.


Launch of Mobile Website


With the popularisation of smart phones and tablets, people’s reading habits and ways to acquire and share information have been changed accordingly. For better adapting browsing for mobile devices, CHINA PRINT 2017 has developed its mobile website to better further the convenience for users to browse via smart phones or tablets. In addition, with other online platforms such as official WeChat and the App, users will be enabled to the access of up-to-date information and news of CHINA PRINT 2017 at any convenience.